How can I pay in instalments?


Our 3x payment solution is offered by Alma for any orders between €50 and €2000. It works with Visa and Mastercard cards.

Click on the 3xCB with Alma, and you will be redirected to the Alma website.



Read and complete the form as follows:

1) Details of your order

2) Your personal information

3) Payment information

4) Validate the contract after reading the terms and conditions.


Step 2 - SUMMARY AND CONFIRMATION: check your information then confirm your payment.



NB: after this step, you will receive a confirmation email with information about the payment schedule.


Acceptance criteria:
To be able to access this financing solution, the following acceptance criteria must be met:

  • Be a private individual (natural person of legal age) and tax resident in mainland France.
  • Have a bank card, Visa or Mastercard. Electron, Maestro, e-CB (digital payment cards), prepaid cards and American Express are not accepted.
  • The bank card used must be valid for the 4 months following your first payment date.
  • Offer valid for orders between €50 and €2000.
  • This offer is subject to your file being accepted by Alma.
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