The Atmosphera warranty covers all damages that are not included in the warranty exclusions mentioned in our terms and conditions. (see below)

Warranty exclusions:
The Atmosphera warranty does not apply when the defect is related to one of the following causes:

  • All minor defects that do not make the product unfit for use;
  • Any unpredictable or inappropriate use;
  • Any use for professional purposes;
  • Any outdoor use of the products, except for certain products for which outdoor use is specifically indicated on the product;
  • Discolouration due to light, especially on fabric products, except when the product is deemed "UV resistant" on its product description;
  • Apparent defects the customer believes there are;
  • Apparent defects relating to exhibition models sold as is;
  • Wear and tear and natural ageing of products;
  • The use of unsuitable abrasive cleaning or maintenance products;
  • Non-compliance with the precautions, advice and instructions for use, assembly, maintenance, storage, preservation or protection of the products;
  • Shocks or falls of any kind of the products;
  • All defects or faults resulting from lightning, flood, fire, torrential rain, storms, hurricanes, hail or any other case of force majeure as assessed by jurisprudence;
  • The addition or replacement of parts that do not conform to those recommended by Atmosphera;
  • The modification of the structure of the product itself;
  • The intervention or repair carried out on Atmosphera products other than within the framework of the warranty.

The warranty relates to, depending on the product and at JJA's sole discretion, the right to repair, replace or refund the guaranteed product.

> For more information on the conditions of our warranties: click on GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE

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